Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back on Etsy

I previously had an etsy shop, , where I sold handmade and vintage items as well as supplies.

I've sold more than 200 items there, but since re-activating my shop, I've sold 3.

I am trying to upload the buckets of things I have in storage that could feasibly be sold under the handmade and vintage banners. This is going to take forever!

Hopefully you see something you like! Go check out my shop!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Expired earnings

While cleaning up my bottomless pit of paperwork I found two items that made me sad:

A $9 rebate check that was valid for 90 days after issue, and had thus expired months ago.

The rebate form for something I bought and had hope to recoup the entire purchase price of, via rebate check. Rebate form expired.

The item I bought was a fancy face cream for $39.95.

So, the total lost moolah that is a direct result of my disorganization: $48.95

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Suite One-Oh-What

A long time ago I became a writer for Suite 101, where I can publish articles I write on any topic, and get the ad revenue as readers click on ads.

I started in 2008, and have earned about $20 for my 14 articles. The most profitable article is The Rules of Roller Derby, where I explain how this fine game is played. It has the most hits. Next in line for click-ability is a story on the Great American Scream Machine roller coaster's closure and another on the selected quotes of the recently deceased George Steinbrenner.

This is abysmal as a form of income but the site says its really supposed to be lifetime royalties for your writing. Perhaps. But the writers' message boards are filled with writers who say the dollars only roll in once you have more than 100 articles. So, only 86 more to go! (Jesus H. Christ.)