Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grilled Cheese toward the future

Robbie and I were out and about and wanted to stop for something to eat. Let's go get some pizza, we agreed.

As we hopped in the car, he said he was having a great time and couldn't wait for the future. Thinking back to my ridiculous spending on casual dining last month, I wondered how far off those future goals would be with our current discretionary spending. All this money spent on pizza and the like was hampering us, really.

So I suggested we skip the pizzeria and head home. Robbie promised to make some grilled cheese. That way, we could satisfy our hunger and our wallets.

It was the perfect suggestion. Of course it was cheaper than pizza out, but on this chilly early fall night it was a great food to eat. Robbie was proud to make his "famous" grilled cheese for me. Our bellies were warm and we felt productive.

It was a nice moment.


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