Monday, October 11, 2010

Pickin' Apples

You'd think that if you have to pick your own apples, the farm's rates per pound of apples would be less than the supermarket, because the cost of labor is, of course less.

You would be wrong.

Apples at Conte Farms are 95 cents a pound. Three pounds of bagged apples at the supermarket are $1.95.

Do they somehow taste better, et cetera, et cetera? Not particularly. And you're talking to a jerk who likes apples.

Well, maybe you're paying for the EXPERIENCE!

I am certainly paying for it, alright.

Eh, I guess this was fun. I got to learn about apple picking. I've never been to a you-pick farm before to pick apples "off the tree." Problem is most of the apples already fell and were rolling around on the ground. Flies, everywhere, the smell of rotting apples in the sun. And, no granny smiths. My fave.

Yeah it was fun. Maybe when I am a property owner I'll just plant an apple tree and that'll be it. No more donations to the local commercialized 'family farm'.

Total bill:
$17 in pumpkins and apples. (one bag filled with apples [you have to buy the bag as well],and two medium pumpkins)

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