Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting paid to answer the same questions, ad nauseum

I was told about, which provides you with the opportunity to answer a bunch of surveys and get money for it.

So far, I've answered about four surveys or so, and have earned $8.60. It's taken up a good hour of my life.

I guess, that's not too bad a take, while you are doing nothing at all. And it's not like they are asking you to perform rocket surgery, just remember your annual income and the last time you bought dog food.

It can be tiresome to answer what seems like endless questions about how strongly you feel about Icy Hot, and this product's reliability, sincerity, social consciousness and product value. And of course it is totally boring to keep repeating your answers with every survey, explaining your gender, marital status, race and annual income, and it kinda makes you wish Opinion Outpost would log your answers somewhere so you only had to answer new questions each time.

I mean, that way, I could free up time to answer more surveys and earn wildly more spare change...because you are paid after you complete the survey, regardless of how long it takes.

After you earn $5, you can request payment.

So, certainly not becoming a Daddy Warbucks with this methodology. But, I started this about two weeks ago, and at this rate, earning another four bucks a week, would be $208 extra floating around a year. That's a lot of dog food and/or Icy Hot.

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