Sunday, July 25, 2010

Misadventures with the local parking authority

One of the seaside communities I frequent has streetside parking with parking meters for about two blocks. Thereafter, it's free. FREE I TELL YA!

So I head straight there. I want to avoid paying 0.25 for 15 minutes of parking. Considering how long I will be parked, we have a potential savings of $4.50 if I find a free spot.

But oh, so many people have also surmised it ain't too bad walking two blocks, if it means avoiding parking meters. The free street parking spots are filled, up to another three blocks. Now, I'd have to walk five blocks if I want so save $4.50.

Hrrrmmmm, what to do. It may rain, and I am going to be a bit late if I walk that far to my destination.

Instead, I will park in this semi-spot. A quasi place to park legally, a bit by a yellow curb and maybe too close to a stop sign. I think to myself, yes, this is a wise idea, and using no science, math or data research, I determine that the likelihood I will be noticed and ticketed by the local parking authority is slim.

I park my jalopy, lock its doors, and head confidently toward my destination, thoroughly enjoying myself and certain I will be adding a savings of $4.50 to my monthly tally.

If you haven't already figured out where this story is going, shame on you. You must be someone who hasn't encountered a plotline in at least 15 years, or still have a few years to go before reaching the fifth grade to learn the basics of storytelling via irony and foreshadowing. Those are the only excuses to not know what happens next in this tale, Misadventures with the Local Parking Authority.

In summation, my parking ticket for parking too close to a stop sign: $54.

Which, of course, is $49.50 more than using the parking meter in the first place.

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