Friday, July 30, 2010

Work-related Cake

Maybe you are living the same story at your office place: it’s someone’s birthday and you and your coworkers gather in the conference to celebrate it with some cake.

At my workplace, this has been going on at least one day a week, the last 12 weeks. That’s a lot of free food! It’s been birthday cake but also bridal shower brownies, retirement breakfast buffet, pizza for the staff meeting and random acts of bagels. It means I keep my brown bag lunch one more day in the office fridge, and save a little bit more dough because I’ve eaten some bagel dough for lunch instead.

You may have guessed I, along with thousands of other cheapos, brown bag a lunch for work instead of going out to eat (or whatever). Another facet of the free workplace-related food I’ve been NOM NOM NOM is the fact that my coworkers, however, often do not brown bag their lunch, and instead order a tremendous lunch somewhere and end up with leftovers. More often than not, they offer me one-half of a turkey sandwich, the two lonely slices of pizza, or the remaining French fries from lunch. FREE I TELL YA!

I decided to figure out how much money all this food is worth and tally it all up for your enjoyment. Please note the figures are just guesses, due to my sheer laziness and also because it is a mystery where my coworkers buy their pizza.

5 bagels with cream cheese $7.50

3 slices of pizza $6

2 brownies $3.50

6 packs of Saltine crackers $.30

One-half a chicken Caesar wrap $3

Half an order of Chinese dumplings $1.5

1 breakfast buffet $12

1 order of fried calamari $7

2 Diet Cokes $2

12 bottles of water $12

5 Munchkin doughnut holes $1

3 candy bars $2.25

5 pieces of cake $10

All this adds up to:


Not bad, I’d say!

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