Tuesday, August 10, 2010

100 Things Challenge

So I read this: http://www.guynameddave.com/100-thing-challenge-faqs.html

And it hit me hard.

At two points in my life previous, I had to sell off a massive amount of my stuff. I called these periods in my life The Great Liquidation. I still didn't boil my life down to 100 things. In fact, after I read the above linked web site, I looked over at the top of one dresser and was confident there were more than 100 things just there, let alone hiding in drawers underneath. And in the closet. And under the bed. And in the garage...and on and on and on.

I started to get overwhelmed and sad. Why do I have so much stuff in my life? I am not a candidate for Hoarders, but I was just feeling burdened by stuff.

So today I start to sell off my stuff. I shall keep a tally and see how it goes.

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