Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daddy Swagbucks

So yesterday I signed up for something called, which is an elaborate scheme to get me to sign up for a bunch of shit I don’t need. If I use the official swagbucks toolbar (unintentional pun) to conduct internet searches, I can rack up more “swagbucks.” I can even have a swag-tastic time searching the swagbucks blog, facebook, et al, looking for special announcements for the latest swagcodes I can swag for swagbucks.

Oh, how very exciting. If I accumulate enough of those swagbucks I can redeem them for lame shit, but also Amazon gift cards and paypal payments.

At this moment, I have 75 swagbucks and have 375 to go before I can get me a sweet $5 gift card. Whoopee! I have spent an hour of my life hunting the Interwebs for swagcodes as though they were vials of crack cocaine. Obviously, I don’t have any drugs or swagbucks to show for my efforts.

Nevertheless, I installed the swagbucks widget onto this blog. If you sign up via my referral page, an angel gets its wings and I get some fraction of a penny.

File this one under: nonexistent income.

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