Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Random Savings and Earnings

At the end of each month, I reveal my list of random savings or earnings and tally it all up. Here is July's!

$13. Saved on my $45 monthly roller derby dues, thanks to the perk my league gives if you secure a sponsorship agreement.
$25. Got AT&T to credit my cellular bill $25, because I spent a day on the phone with their customer service because of my crappy air card.
$5. Made $5 over the rent of the table, at the flea market.
$35. Argued off a fee charged to my Discover card.
$100. Won at the racetrack.
$14. Went out to dinner and my friend insisted on paying.
$9. Random dough earned from
$13. In stuff sold at Amazon marketplace.

July tally: $216 in randomness

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